Working Partners Stok Sayım ve Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Was established by the partners who have achieved many national and global successes in the service sector since 2002.

Our Vision

To be the biggest and most reliable company in our country in stocktaking and inventory control, as well as all other value-added services.

Our Mission

To be the company that facilitates our clients' business by empowering all our employees and especially ourselves, as founding partners.

Our Values

  • To be reliable and fair
  • To be honest
  • To be always close to our clients
  • To be accessible
  • To focus on sustainable success
  • To collaborate passionately with our business partners
  • To think different and advance incessantly
  • To respect the environment and human being

Our Principles

  • Our first goal is to gain your trust. We are aware that this trust is essential in the stock control as is the case in many other business, and all our employees have internalized this fact.
  • It is obvious that trust in our business is vital since our clients entrust their assets to us.
  • Client satisfaction is our core policy.
  • To establish the satisfaction of our customers is our first priority.
  • We have a clear idea of what we want, while we are open to learning from you.
  • We know you don't like the response such as "No", "Not available" and "Impossible", and please be sure that we also don't like these words as you do.
  • We always consider the balance between quality and price.
  • A reasonable profit is our best policy.
  • We remain as students since we constantly pursue innovation.
  • We always keep ourselves open to learning.

We have internalized the critical success factors of our company


Reliability, Quality
Corporate approach throughout all our communication channels