“We will cooperate with our business partners by focusing on sustainable success to grow with patience, determination and resolution like in the story of the bamboo tree.”


Working Partners Stok Sayım ve Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş. was established by the partners who have achieved many national and global successes in the service sector since 2002.

Reliability is the basis of our business.

We internalize quality.

Education Support
  • Our company will allocate 0.005 percent of its profit to education grants each year.
  • For the scholarship issue, our commission meets in March every year.
  • We determine our scholarship budget during this meeting.
  • Our priority in allocating education grants will be on the relatives of our employees and their references.
  • Our company will not grant any scholarship to any foundation, association or legal entity.
Stem Cell Donation
  • Stem cells save lives. We will continue to keep this issue on the agenda of all our employees as well as the founding partners of the company.
  • It will certainly be one of the agenda items of our meetings.
  • We will identify practical steps in this regard.



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